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Sunday, January 12, 2014


As anyone who has ever used a rubber band for a wallet knows, rubber bands make the world's best wallets.  EXCEPT they tend to break.  And they look like, well, rubber bands.  Problems solved.  A new product called Piggy Bands mates silicone bracelets with rubber bands via a unique polymer blend, to solve these durability and blandness issues.  Finally, man can carry his cash & cards the way nature intended: with a simple, strapping, rubber band.

Friday, November 22, 2013


THE way to store your Gent Stuff.  Etsy has great ones.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


The Red Wing 1907.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Prohibition may have sucked a fat one in many ways, but it DID make those daring drinkers appreciate their cocktails a bit more.  And when one sees how those clandestine cocktails were concocted, it's all the more clear why they were savored so.  The Prohibition Kit by Francesco Morackini lets us relive that bygone joy of sipping and lip-smacking rather than swigging and burping.  The kit includes everything you need to make your own Schnapps, from fruit tree to tumbler.  So cheers to Francesco and the spirit of spirits past.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


These.  Straight from the UK by way End, Inc, these are the epitome of a GentStuff steez.  No garish logo.  No crazy gimmicks or colors.  Just plain ol' quality craftsmanship.  The End.